Our History

Basantapur in the 70s wasn’t as bustling as it is today. However, it’s not hard to imagine that even back then, people coming from far and wide would be found strolling around seeking for a good place to fill their hunger. In 1970, a small restaurant was opened right opposite to Durbar Square, to serve Chinese and Continental delicacies to the locals and visitors alike. Going with the name Yin Yang, the restaurant quickly grabbed visitors’ attention and soon became famous, especially for its flavorful steak and good music. Little did the people know at the time that the name would stick around for decades. Today, it is located at the heart of Thamel, owned and operated by third generation of the original founder Trailokya Nath Shrestha. 

The success of Yin Yang as Thai restaurant began when in 1996, 25th September it reopened its door for the second time in Thamel after a brief closedown during the 80’s. By that time, Tejendra Shrestha (Trailokya’s son) had taken over the business. It was his interest in Thai food and determination to share the symphony of flavors to the world around, which transformed Yin Yang into what it is today. It took two years for him to build the restaurant from the ground up and next few months for traveling back and forth to Thailand in search of skilled Thai chef for the restaurant. Despite the discontinuation in the middle, Yin Yang in Thamel started off with a record-breaking first day. A queue of people stretched from the door to right around the corner of the street. Eventually, more people began showing a fondness for Thai cuisine because of Yin Yang.

25 years since 1996 in Thamel, it is now known to be the most beloved Thai restaurants in Kathmandu and the oldest to remain in the same location. Today, Yin Yang tradition is continued and developed into the third generation through Ritez Shrestha. Growing up in a family business with an immense love for food, he is inspired to serve delightful recipes to the customers without compromising quality and quantity on both food and service. His focus is on expanding the legacy of Yin Yang to other parts of the country. 

Over the last 50 years, Yin Yang has established itself as one of the best restaurants in Nepal. The reason behind which are

1) Great tasting recipes made from scratch with the freshest ingredients and

2) Attention to detail in presentation, maintenance, and customer service.

Part of what makes Yin Yang amazing is its ambiance. Everything you see dates back to 25 years ago, from that picture on the wall, that chandelier hanging down the ceiling to the table you’re served or the custom made fork on the table. Giving you the traditional vibe in a modern context and a menu that serves best of east and west, Yin Yang remains true to its name.


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